Changing your will after divorce

Hoping a marriage is forever….

When we get married, we all hope and believe it will be forever, unfortunately, life happens and this is not always the case.

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But amongst all the things we must deal with after a divorce, the majority of people may not even think of sorting is changing your will after divorce. The divorce will alter the will, but it will remain valid, but usually, your es partner will no longer be able to benefit from it unless this is stipulated that they will even if you divorce.

Changing your will after divorce can be an emotional and upsetting procedure, especially after what you may have already gone through, but it is something that is better to be done sooner rather than later, try not to put it off, get it altered, and changed as soon as possible.

Contact your divorce solicitor

Once you have received the decree absolute from your solicitors, it will probably mean most financial matters regarding houses and savings, etc will have been sorted already, but it can still get complicated and may need further help from a divorce solicitor.

If you remarry after your divorce changing your will after divorce will also be a thing you will have to do, the existing will be revoked altogether unless it has been specifically stated that you do not want it to change, although this is uncommon.

If you are currently in the process of going through a divorce, then we suggest you contact your divorce solicitor and ask them to look at changing your will after your divorce.